How do I create a new account?

A new account can be created by REGISTER button on the top right corner of the home page. In the window that pops up, you need to provide a unique username, your email and a password. You will be using your username and password information to login to the Divanetwork.tv

How do I login?

You can login to the website by clicking on the LOGIN button on the top right corner of the home page. In the window that pops up, you can either choose to login by providing your username and password if you are an already registered user or by using your social media accounts (Facebook or Google).

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you can retrieve it by first clicking on the login button on the top right corner of the home page. From the window that pops up, choose the Forgot Password? option and provide the details. You would receive an email with your password.

How can I search for a video?

To search for videos, you need to enter your search terms in the search bar which is located at the top of the page. Depending on the relevance of your search term, the appropriate videos would be returned.

How can I access my account?

To access your account, you have to login using your registered username and password. Once you login, you will see a welcome message of the type “Hello ” on the top right side of the screen. Right next to your name, you will see a hyperlink named “Manage Account” and clicking on this will take you to your account page.

What are the features in my account page?

There are many things that you can do once you get into your account such as:

  1. Upload a new video
  2. Like a video (Favorites)
  3. Check your history (Viewed videos)
  4. See all your uploaded videos (My Videos)
  5. Change your password (Manage Account)

How can I upload a new video?

To upload a new video, you need to enter your account page. Once you are in there, you can either click on the Upload a video option on the menu pane on the left or the UPLOAD button on the top right side of the page. Once you do that, you will be taken to a page where you have to provide more details about the video such as the title, the description, the Video Category, the tags that you want to associate with your video and the YouTube URL of your video. Once you provide all this information, click on Create button and your video will get uploaded.

The tags are important as they are attached to the videos that you upload and enable the users to easily search and view your videos.

What happens after I upload a video?

As soon as you upload a video, you would see a message on the screen which says that your video will be reviewed by our team. Our team then reviews the video to check and see if it meets our standards. If it does, it will be approved and your video will appear in the home page under the “Recently Added” section.

What is the Trending Now section?

The Trending Now section features the videos that are currently trending on our website. These are the videos that are currently “hot” or in other words, the videos that are being viewed and rated by other users.

How can I view other videos?

You can view videos by clicking on video or on the link that is present below the video. Once you click on the video, it takes you to the video page.

How can I like, rate and comment on other videos?

You can like a video by clicking on the heart icon on the video. To rate it, place the pointer on the stars present below the video. Clicking on the 4th star would mean that you are giving the video a rating of 4 on 5.

To comment on a video, click on a video or on the link. This takes you to the video page where you can see the option to comment on the video present below the video. You can enter your comment here.

How can I share a video?

To share a video, go the video page by clicking on it or on the link. There you will have an option which says “Share”. Clicking on this will give you the list of all available social media channels where you can share the video.

What are Webinars?

This is an option that is not functional yet but will be functional soon. With this, we will be able to have real time interactive sessions between our educators and users with a click of a button!